For many Jewish families that live in the US, a trip to Israel is often considered to be the ultimate journey of self-discovery to the land of their origin. But it goes much deeper than simply the discovery of their land: It boils down to reconnecting with their culture, their ancestors, their traditions, their history and developing an identity.

The celebration of a milestone birthday is a very special occasion. For someone who has lived a long life away from home, Israel still holds a special place in their heart, and the birthday tour becomes a whole lot more than a simple visit.

Love Israel Celebration specializes in destination birthday tours to the Holy Land, which we ensure involves tours to revisit and explore the different places that the person celebrating their birthday was maybe born and grew up.

Moshe “Morris” Ben Dror’s Destination Birthday

Among our many successful birthday tours was the event of Moshe Ben Dror’s 90th birthday. Instead of having just a single day of decoration, feasting and entertainment, we designed an entire week that was full of inspirational events to celebrate his long legacy.

Morris’ birthday celebration is one of the longest and biggest birthday celebration events that Stein Shani Event Productions has ever experienced. We worked closely with his family to explore his life in depth and create an experience that brought back many good memories from his past.

In total, we handled 40 guests during the event, including family members and his closest friends, all of whom got a chance to take a walk-through Moshe’s life. By creating an occasion for them to relive his history, they all gained a true appreciation of what has molded him into the man he is today.

We Do Not Design Celebrations, We Create Experiences

When Love Israel Celebration plans an anniversary birthday trip to Israel for you, we make sure to take enough time to know you and your family as well as your history. Only then do we start to plan a journey which is all about you.

We visit different places that are of interest to you and your family, regardless of whether they are located well off the beaten track. We sample your favorite Israeli dishes and bring you together with your relatives and friends both from Israel and abroad.

No matter what special occasion you are celebrating, we will tailor a special event that truly captures your essence and allows you to relive the excitement and passions of your life.

Talk to us today and let us help you plan a fun, meaningful journey of discovery and reflection in the land of magic that is Israel!