The first thing you’ll notice about Tel Aviv is the air. Right at the golden hour when the sun hits the sea, the shops begin to shut, and the bars begin to buzz, the Tel Aviv air fills your lungs in a way no other air quite manages. It might be that perfect balance of temperatures as the cool night breeze creeps up on the sweltering heat the day left behind. It might be the light scent of salt blown in from the sea, or the mouth-watering aroma of middle-eastern spices sizzling out from every kitchen on every corner, leaving the unmistakable taste of unique Israeli cuisine on your tongue. Perhaps it is the dazzling blend of so many languages buzzing through the air, each one telling a different story from a completely different culture, but all blurring together to create an irresistible hum of excitement. Or perhaps it is the unique, ethereal atmosphere you experience while strolling barefoot from the perfectly soft golden-sand beaches, through the bustling and excitable eastern bazaars, to the trendy rooftop cocktail bars from which you can finally take in the majesty of the city in its entirety, a city who’s culture somehow transcends time and space to encapsulate and preserve all eras and all cultures in their perfection. Perhaps it is all of these things together. 

Whatever the reason, any Israeli you meet will tell you that the Tel Aviv air is quite unlike any other, one of the many reasons why the city is the perfect location for a wedding unlike any other. Our venues range from the magically ancient to the dazzlingly modern. Our food combines every tried and tested secret ingredient handed down to us from every corner of the middle-east, perfected by countless generations. It is a city that has been deeply beloved by millions of people from all backgrounds and ethnicities for centuries upon centuries, and yet still it welcomes every newcomer with open arms of a world famous standard. It is a city to fall in love with. It is a city to fall in love in. And it is a city whose love lasts forever. So treat yourself to the wedding that true love truly deserves, and get married in the Tel Aviv air.