About us

Our Philosophy

At LIC we believe in the journey. We understand that an event isn’t just a day, but all the months that lead up to it. This is why we strive to make every step of the way to your event not only stress-free, but also enjoyable. Our expert team will escort you through the process in your language, at your hours, face-to-face in your home city. 

As for the event itself, no team has more experience producing spectacular events in Israel. We personally tailor each event to your dreams and expectations, meaning you don’t have to compromise on a single thing.

What makes LIC Different?

LIC was created by a team of seasoned professionals in the events industry in Israel. We noticed that often the most difficult barrier to cross in planning your dream event in Israel is cultural. Differences in hours, language, traditions and more, often leads to people giving up on their dream wedding or Bar Mitzvah, in exchange for something simpler.

LIC has solved this problem. Our representatives are based in several major cities all over the world. You can meet with them in your home city, at your local time , and in your language. Our representatives are experienced professionals in their own home country, meaning they know exactly how to cater to local clients, their traditions and expectations.

At No Extra Cost!

LIC will always be transparent with our fees and pricing; and our unique service won’t add to the cost of producing your event. Our representatives already run their own events agencies in their cities, and we have partnered with them to bring you the wedding of your dreams, at no extra burden to your pocket.Infact, because the local agent doesn’t have to be on site, you may end up saving money on fees. All of our representatives are independent, so LIC doesn’t incur any additional costs in employing them. Furthermore, our connections and knowledge in the events scene in Israel will save you both time and money. Speak to a representative today to find out more.

We have combined the passion and creativity of powerful event production companies in order to create the most convenient and blissful planning process for your celebration and love in Israel!


Ink & Co. by Stein Shani and Bentop Events are both leading and professional companies with over 15 years of experience. Over the years, Menashe had often heard about Hanna and Bentop Events, so he followed her work closely, admiring her talent, creativity and attention to detail. On the other side of the globe, Hanna had also heard about Stein Shani. She recognized how similar their work ethics were and how they shared a common vision in creating memorable events for clients. Despite working in the same industry, their paths never crossed.
When the timing was right, Menashe and Hanna finally arranged to meet in Tel Aviv for a one-hour meeting. The one hour quickly turned into a full morning of intense connection and a common desire to help people planning and later celebrating their special occasions in Israel. They decided to combine their passion, knowledge and experience to produce magical events in Israel for clients in the US.


Planning to tie the knot? Want to celebrate your 70th birthday in style? Is there a Bar Mitzvah boy in your family? Why not celebrate in Israel, the land of milk and honey? The country boasts a plethora of venues that are as diverse as its scenery; varying from trendy, chic urban venues, to conservative, religious locations. Israel is also a magical land. Rich in history and tradition, it offers so many choices when it comes to cuisine, tours, activities, accommodations and more.

We understand the apprehension that people have about planning destination events, so Ink & Co. by Stein Shani and Bentop Events have combined over 15 years of experience, both in event planning and management, to make your Israeli event a glorious reality.

The Bentop Events team will coordinate all the details with you from the comfort of your home town. Offering you someone who speaks your language and who has the expertise to turn your vision into a tangible idea that Stein Shani will then use, with its local expertise, to execute in the Holy Land.

Love Israel Celebration – We make the planning of your event in Israel effortless……

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