Your human resource is the most vital asset of your entire business. For this reason, you may feel that taking your employees on vacation to an exotic destination for some rest and relaxation, or creating a special corporate event overseas, is a great way to show your employees just how much you care about their well-being and making them feel valued to your organization.

Strengthen your team spirit and commitment; give them an incentive to achieve their targets by giving them a special treat. Love Israel Celebration invites you and your team to discover and explore the hidden pleasures of Israel with us!

Bringing Team Incentives to a Whole New Level

Move your business’ corporate events to a whole new level by showing your team a new side of Israel; let them experience the magic of the Holy Land as Love Israel Celebration takes you deeper into the pages of history. Our corporate incentive tours of Israel will expose you all to the culture, wonderful exotic tastes and the sights of the land of milk and honey. A corporate incentive tour to Israel is an experience that will set your business apart from the competition.

Why Bring Your Team to Israel?

Israel is much more than a country and goes beyond its people. It is a place that holds a lot of history and emotion, and holds deep meaning for many people across the world. If you are in the US, talk to Bentop Events of LA who will guide you to organize a truly special event in Israel. Create experiences and memories and take your team on an unforgettable journey to discover this magical land. It is a magical location where each stone tells a story and has a memory to share with you. Let Israel leave you spellbound. On the flip side, Israel offers access to modern sites and activities that will excite even the dullest employee. From the exciting streets of Tel Aviv, to the majestic Mediterranean Sea, this country offers it all.

Expose Your People to New Cultures and Experiences

Israel is a land that has fascinated people from around the world for centuries. From ancient biblical tales to recent history and the dynamic country it is today, it is a place that you need to see, visit and experience to uncover its hidden secrets. Let Love Israel Celebration, through its local events company Stein Shani Event Production, take you on an unmissable learning experience and guide you through the many facets of the country.

Uncover New Opportunities for Business Growth

The land of Israel holds much more for your corporate team beyond its scenic attractions and wonderful people. Modern Israel has plenty of opportunities to offer to entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners. The nation is world renowned for its enterprising startups, high quality manufactured products, cutting-edge medicine and innovative high-tech industry. Just because you are in Israel for pleasure does not mean we cannot mix it up with an opportunity to make excellent business connections and growth opportunities.

Talk to us today, and let us guide you on an unforgettable corporate incentive trip to Israel!