Israel The Ultimate Location for Business and Pleasure

Located in the centre of the world, on the border between east and west, Israel is home to the greatest number of startups per capita. Why is this? Is it the people? The environment? The water?

Truth is, no one can point to a single aspect of Israel which makes it an innovator in world business and technology. One simply has to come and see for themselves.

In Tel Aviv, everyone is an innovator. You can see it in the fashion, in the architecture, in the food, and most of all in the shops and businesses, big and small, each offering a unique product in the world’s most unique city. The city itself is symbolic of exponential growth; bourne from two small streets merely a century ago, the energy and passion of the city has not waned since.

Jerusalem, on the other hand, offers the opposite. An ancient city; unmoved for thousands of years, a true centre of the world spiritually and culturally. Jerusalem embodies tradition, heritage, and sticking to what works. Although the city has stood relatively unchanged for generations, she still thrives through her ability to modernise and innovate whenever need be. Take the modern tram to the old Machne-Yehuda market to see a place like no other; available only in the greatest destination in the middle-east.

Every city in Israel brings its own beauty and character, and where there are no cities, the countryside is rife with nature and history like no location in the world. One cannot visit such a country without taking the time to soak in some of the culture and atmosphere, and maybe reap the benefits of business as the Israelis have managed to do.

A great way to experience Israel to its fullest is through an organised events producer. Let a team of professionals escort your business throughout your stay, and allow you to get the most out of your time in such a special location. Tours, business dinners, parties and corporate event can all be arranged at the best locations by experts who will tailor your events to your company and your goals.

Don’t let the Israeli innovation pass you by…