Based in Los Angeles, Hanna Benrosh is the founder and creative director of Bentop Events.  a visionary, innovative, passionate events company. design and produce high profile events at the private and corporate sector.

Hanna is best known for her creative and exceptional ideas, her unexpected décor accents and her exqui­site attention to every last detail.

Hanna prides herself on two main values: the honest reputation of her business, and her personal connections with her clients. Both of these virtues have helped earn her agency a trustworthy name, with many of her clients working with her on a long-term basis, guiding them through many milestones in their lives. The same goes for their vendors and providers which they keep a strong and loyal relationships built on trust and respect. This allows them to bring their clients the best products and best services.

Bentop is also known as a community-oriented company, working with many of non-profit organizations, helping them grow and raise awareness to their cause. Hanna personally serve on the board of several of these non-profits, as passion extends beyond the one-time events. She involved in community building, supporting at-risk and homeless youth, improving the lives of children with cancer, and inspiring young leaders to become actively involved in their communities. This inside understanding allows to produce much more impactful and meaningful events that convey their clients’ passion to the guests.


Love Israel Celebration

Hanna Benrosh is the creative director, co-founded at Love Israel Celebration along with Menashe Shani and Amit Stein and  serve as the Head of operation and branch management in USA.

At “LIC” Hanna and her team will coordinate all the details from the comfort of your own hometown, offering you someone who speaks your language and which can meet you in person to plan your dream event. Then, our production team in Israel will take that vision, and use their local expertise to execute every detail in the Holy Land.