Your daughter’s bat mitzvah will be the most memorable day of her childhood. Surrounded by her friends and family members, she will take part in one of the most beautiful ceremonies in Jewish culture; the coming of age. 

There are several ways to give your son or daughter a coming of age ceremony to remember, but nothing quite compares to bringing your child to the Holy Land for their bar or bat mitzvah.

One of the most common events we organise is a bar mitzvah tour in Israel. In such a tour, families come from abroad for a week or more to soak in Israeli scenery and culture. These weeks are packed with fun and excitement, and bring the whole family together in a way no other place in the world could.

The rich heritage of the jewish people is prevalent throughout Israel, and can be felt in the city streets, in ancient synagogues scattered around the country, on the shores of the Dead Sea and anywhere else you may choose to go. This makes israel perfect for a family trip leading up to a bat mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvah tours are personally tailored to the last detail, from transport to your hotel from the moment you arrive, to world class accommodation, and hand-picking the best tour guides and activities to suit you and your family. Water parks, nature trails, museums and historical sites are all included in a perfect week for the whole family.

 Of course, we also focus on religious sites of significance, such as the western wall, to connect the whole trip and especially your son or daughter with the Jewish history and people.

This intense and enjoyable week brings the whole family closer together and makes for an emotional Bat Mitzvah your child will never forget. 

Israel offers endless beautiful and meaningful locations to host the perfect Bar Mitzvah ceremony or party. A ceremony in one of Jerusalem’s incredible synagogues is an obvious choice, but many may also find a more serene location closer to the natural beauty of Israel to be more appropriate.

There are many gorgeous locations in the rolling Galil hills or overlooking the sea of Galilee from the Golan Heights. Many Kibbutz’s or villages often host Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, and can usually offer extra activities on location, such as an open pool, horse riding or restaurants.