Where would you like to make your vows? Between the ancient stone walls of the sacred city of Jerusalem? Up in the beautiful Golan Heights looking down on the Promised Land? Or, perhaps on the dazzling white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea?

 With such a vast range of locations, venues, scenery, and cultures, a wedding in Israel can be whatever you want it to be, and we at Love-Israel-Celebration are committed to providing you with the wedding of your dreams.

Now that dream is closer than you ever imagined.  Forget long distance calls, awkward hours, and broken English. With LIC we provide you with an agent in your own country, who is there to talk to you face to face, at the hours that suit you and in the language that you both speak best.

 A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and we know that you will only be satisfied knowing that you and your bride or groom-to-be are in safe, reliable hands, so we go above and beyond to make sure you are understood, and that your vision for your wedding is communicated and executed to perfection.

At LIC, we understand the importance of the journey. Every step you and your partner take on the path to your magical moment should be fun, exciting, and stress-free.

 We love planning weddings, and we want to share that love with you! For this reason, we’ve made planning a wedding in the most special, most holy place on earth as simple and as easy as possible. We’ve partnered with existing event agencies in major cities all over the world to give you a personal planning experience close to home, at no extra cost.

We pride ourselves on personal relations, on working together, on communication and cooperation, so get in touch today and find out for yourself how LIC can make your dream wedding a reality.


Thinking of getting married in Israel? Fantastic choice! Israel offers the most exciting and versatile wedding venues in the world.

 Every corner of this magical country is packed with character, culture and attitude. When choosing a location for your Israeli wedding, you can’t go wrong.

Young Jewish couples will often think of Jerusalem when they plan their perfect destination wedding in Israel. And with good reason too. Jerusalem is unparalleled in its beauty and significance, and truly is a city like no other. Venues in jerusalem range from rustic outdoor locations on the outskirts of the city, to beautiful synagogues in the most holy city in the world, to classy halls and venues that give you a feel for the up-beat side of the city. 

Of course, Jerusalem also attracts Christian weddings, for the same reasons. Churches in the holy city are numerous in number and unparalleled in beauty, as are the breathtaking views and event venues. The greatest difficulty for and couple in the planning process will be deciding on a location when you are so spoilt for choice.

Israel offers much more than just Jerusalem, however. For the less traditionally oriented, Tel Aviv is also an incredible location for any young couple to tie the knot. Venues in Tel Aviv really are endless, pandering to the religious, secular, adventurous, conservative and everything in between. 

Tel Aviv is a world-class city when it comes to culture, music, food and architecture; and all of these have a bearing on your wedding events. Think of weddings by the beach, or in a cocktail-bar courtyard tucked away behind a busy street. By day or by night, Tel Aviv is always alive and teaming with life and excitement.   

And yet, we haven’t even scratched the surface. Israel so many more locations, from the north to the south. Beaches, the golan heights, the negev desert, the sea of galilee or the dead sea. The question is not whether you should celebrate your big day in Israel, only where! 


As a young bride or groom, planning your overseas destination wedding can be daunting. We believe the event planning process should be enjoyable and memorable, not a nightmare. This is why LIC have brought the event planners to you, so you don’t have to worry about overseas calls, getting ripped-off, or missing out on a great opportunity. Our staff are veteran event planners in Israel and would love to guide you to plan your dream wedding in Israel.

Contact an LIC representative to learn more about options for a perfect destination wedding in Israel.