The LIC Experience

There are several reasons why Israel is the perfect location for your Son or Daughter’s coming of age ceremony. The holy land of the jewish people is stunningly beautiful. Rich in religious and historical sites, as well and sandy beaches and fun locations, Israel is the perfect place to make your childs coming of age a profound and memorable experience. 

Our personally catered bar/bat mitzvah tours give your child the experience such a day deserves. We carefully construct a week of beautiful tours and events to showcase the history and beauty of the promised land. In the days leading up to your child’s coming of age, we bring together the whole family with the rich history of the jewish people in a way possible only in Israel.

As for the bar/bat mitzvah itself, we understand that no two families are the same, and therefore construct a unique event suited specifically to you. We focus on the finer details to ensure your child’s coming of age will be a fond memory that will stay with the whole family forever!

One of the biggest problems parents can face when planning their child’s event abroad is a breakdown in communication. Often your needs and wants are not properly understood either due to being lost in translation, or because of cultural differences. 


At LIC there’s no need to worry about that. You will be speaking with a representative from your own country, who speaks your language and understands your local culture and traditions. This allows us to plan you event together in a way that is fun, easy, and stress-free!


A bar or bat mitzvah is a beautiful experience for the whole family, but a week in Israel in an organized bar mitzvah tour is life-changing. LIC personally curate tours in Israel, from the breathtaking Golan Heights, through the banks of the Jordan River to the Dead Sea, and finishing with a beautiful bar or bat mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall, or wherever you wish.

We deliver the perfect blend of fun, family bonding, educational tours and spiritual connection to the Jewish homeland. Our years of experience, specifically with families from North America, have taught us that no two families are alike. For this reason we hand-pick our destinations and tour-guides to deliver to your family and bar mitzvah child the experience that suits them. 

An authentic Shabbat dinner in the holy land is an essential experience for any Jewish child coming of age. A family dinner with a bonding spiritual element that will stay with the family forever. There is a uniqueness to blessing the bread and wine in the city of Jerusalem, surrounded by the sounds and smells or the most amazing city on earth, that cannot be matched. 


Your child will certainly carry this experience with them when they read from the Torah for the first time in their Israeli bar mitzvah. LIC specialises in creating moments like these which are both authentic and unique, dedicating the time a bar/bat mitzvah celebration deserves. 

Another fantastic activity we love to recommend to families is a Jeep tour through the Israeli countryside. Suitable for all ages, young through old, a nature trail in a 4×4 vehicle is a fun way to not only see the Israeli scenery, but also to visit sites of historical and religious significance, such as the breathtaking Masada fort overlooking a gleaming Dead Sea in the heart of the Judean desert. 


A love of the land and it’s history is ingrained in the Israeli culture, and we aim to pass on this passion to your child and your family in the most profound way. Israeli tour guides will amaze you with their knowledge of the land, the nature, the history and the Bible, bringing all these things together in one unforgettable experience. 

If your family were already planning to visit Israel for your child’s Mitzvah celebration, we wholeheartedly recommend looking into an organized tour in the Holy Land. We take care of every detail, from transfers to Ben Gurion airport, to hotel bookings and of course, crafting an authentic experience of Israel at its best. Don’t guess your way around the country, but let our team of experienced professional escort you in planning your perfect trip. 

A bar/bat mitzvah tour is the perfect way to take your child’s celebration a step further. Get in touch today to see how we can upgrade your time in Israel!


We know how daunting it can be to plan a bar mitzvah from abroad, which is why we brought the planning experience home! Your LIC representative will talk to you in your own country, understand your budget, your expectations and your family. 


They will then proceed to take care of all the details in Israel, working closely with you to give you full control over all the proceedings. We make planning a bar/bat mitzvah exciting and enjoyable while removing all the hassle and the doubt associated with such an event. 

Place your trust in professionals with years of experience curating events in Israel. Put your mind at ease with the knowledge that every detail of the ceremony and the celebration will be cared; we know how to make families happy. 

One of the most popular destinations for bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies is the Western Wall. This is understandable, being the most Holy site on the planet for the Jewish people. Unfortunately, many families who come from abroad are often left feeling that the ceremony was lacking or rushed, which we find very unfortunate. Families who dedicate time, money and effort to come to Israel for their child’s coming of age deserve an unforgettable ceremony and celebration. 

With LIC you can rest assured that your child’s Bar Mitzvah will not fall short of the expected standard. Whether you choose to celebrate at the Western Wall, in Tel Aviv, or anywhere else in the Jewish homeland, LIC are dedicated to delivering a perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah for you.

Feel free to talk to your local representative to see how easy it is to create a Bar Mitzvah experience like you never imagined!