A Bat Mitzvah is a traditional ceremony that is important in every young Jewish girl’s life. It’s  makes it clear to everyone that she is now moving into a new phase – maturity and adulthood – along with its accompanying responsibilities.

A Bat Mitzvah that is held on Masada is an extraordinary experience, unlike any other. This is because Masada has a rich history that pervades every corner and each stone. We will connect this with your child’s personal experiences to turn them into physical and spiritual concepts that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Why Choose Masada?

Today, more than ever before, Jewish parents in the US want their daughters to celebrate this occasion in a meaningful and unique setting in the Holy Land. Instead of the standard party setting in a glittering hall, they look for a location which has enormous significance to the Jewish people. Masada is a place such as this. Holding an event on Masada will ensure that it will be just as memorable for you and your guests, as it is to the Bat Mitzvah girl.

In addition, Masada offers some of the most picturesque backdrops to any ceremony that you can find anywhere. It is situated on a hill at the lowest point on earth and overlooks glorious landscapes. The authentic Jewish experience we create for your Bat Mitzvah celebration will incorporate the regions unique topography, the major historical events that occurred there and your personal preferences. This will all be brought together to create a magnificent event that will be memorable in every way.

A Promise of Unity and Personal Sacrifice to The Jewish Community

A Bat Mitzvah ceremony is an important part of every Jewish girl’s life. Over the decades, many thousands of Jewish families have been drawn to the picturesque desert fortress on Masada to celebrate the rites of passage for their daughters. These families are drawn to this magical place from all corners of the globe and the symbolic significance is unlike any place in the world.

Let Our Experience Create an Unforgettable Bat Mitzvah Trip for You!

Due to its desert location, a Bat Mitzvah celebration held at Masada will definitely involve a lot of coordination, logistical planning, booking and arrangements, which require local experience. This is exactly the reason we are here for you. Love Israel Celebration will help you to produce the most memorable Bat Mitzvah trip for you and your family.

You can plan all the details in the with your local presentative. the final event and tours will be executed right down to the very last detail byStein Shani Event Production located in the Holy Land. Come and celebrate a magical Bat Mitzvah on Masada and become a part of the Jewish tradition and culture.

The Love Israel Celebration Advantage

When you have a Bar Mitzvah in Israel, you will be celebrate in a land of great significance to your faith. you can count on our help in getting all the details done. We take care of everything – from travel arrangements, accommodation, to day-of-ceremony planning and sightseeing tours done.

Among the things we can handle for you is getting a rabbie to run the ceremony and getting you exclusive access to some of Israel most sacred sites. Israel is really a magical land where you can share your joy and unity with friends and family and create unforgettable memories.