Is there a better place on earth to hold a Christian wedding than in the faith’s Holy Land? It is only in Israel where you can celebrate tying the knot in the places walked by Jesus and his disciples as he performed miracles, and spend the next day relaxing at one of Israel’s excellent resorts and spas.

While this is the dream of many couples, it is not an easy task to locate vendors overseas, particularly in smaller cities or towns where you may sometimes have to deal with differences in language or culture. Love Israel Celebration is here to help make planning your Christian Wedding in Israel from all around the globe as simple as possible.

What Makes a Christian Wedding in Israel Unique?

Despite its relatively small size, the land of Israel undoubtedly has the largest number of holy religious sites of any country in the world and is particularly important as the birthplace of Christianity. This makes it an obvious choice for Christian couples who would like to hold their wedding, while they reconnect to their faith. A Christian wedding in Israel planned by Love Israel Celebration can be pretty much anything you want it to be, backed by the country’s trademark ‘chilled-out’ vibe.

We Want Your Wedding to Be Memorable!

Bentop Events will consult with you in LA and design the wedding of your dreams and an itinerary that will be executed according to your wishes in Israel by Stein Shani Event Production. We can organize the perfect event for you at one of Jerusalem’s beautiful churches or at Cana’s Wedding Church, the site of Christ’s first miracle.

For your rest and relaxation after your big day, we can arrange tours to a variety of resorts and locations of religious significance including the Sea of Galilee, the Judea desert, the Mediterranean Sea, the mineral springs of the Golan Heights and the Dead Sea, among many others.

Extensive Local Knowledge of Vendors, Venues and Religious Sites in Israel

For your wedding to be a success, we provide planning services to help you design the perfect wedding day and itinerary for your guests. Stein Shani Event Productions has on board a host of experienced wedding planners that have extensive knowledge of all the best locations for Christian weddings in Israel. Love Israel Celebration also has an extensive database of tried and tested wedding vendors and access to spiritually-relevant wedding venues all over Israel. No matter what your wedding vision is, Love Israel Celebration has the solution and will execute your vision right down to the very last detail.

The Love Israel Celebration Advantage

When you have a Christian wedding in Israel, not only will you be married in a land of great significance to your faith, but you can count on our help in getting all the details from travel arrangements, accommodation, day-of-wedding planning and sightseeing tours done. Among the things we can handle on your behalf upon request is registration of your wedding, getting a priest to officiate the ceremony and getting you exclusive access to some of the Christianity’s most sacred sites. Israel is really a magical land where you can share your love and unity with friends and family and create unforgettable memories.