A Jerusalem wedding, in the heart of Israel, is an experience that contains a lot of culture, tradition and symbolism. This is thanks to Jerusalem’s status as one of the world’s oldest cities and arguably, the holiest city on earth. Love Israel Celebration gives you the opportunity to create and experience a once-in-a-lifetime event in Jerusalem that intertwines the country’s unique atmosphere and classic, mystical style, with unforgettable memories. What’s more, the entire celebration and trip can be planned by your local representative, with perfect execution in Israel by the Israeli local planning team.

Planning Perfection

There is simply no place in the world like Jerusalem; the city always surprises visitors with its landscape and beauty. Stein Shani Event Production, as experienced event and travel planners, know all the best and most unique wedding venues and locations within Jerusalem, including scenic locations in the Old City, natural settings among the Jerusalem hills and excellent historic or religious sites. Not only will we help you find the best location for your nuptials, we will also be there for you every step of the way, turning each part of your dream into a reality. This includes the décor, cuisine, entertainment, photographers, florists and much more. Our passion is understanding how you envision your perfect wedding day, bringing it to life and making sure that every moment is memorable.

In addition to organizing the celebrations of your wedding day, we can also arrange tours of various spots of interest around Jerusalem for you and your wedding guests. No matter your origin, or the religious affiliation of your guests, you can be certain that you will enjoy an exciting and unique experience in Jerusalem.

Plan Your Shabbat Chatan at a Magical Location

The Shabbat Chatan, a Jewish ceremony where the groom gets called to the Torah the morning before or after the wedding celebration, depending on one’s tradition, is also one of the events that Love Israel Celebration can organize for you in Israel. Enjoy delicious and sophisticated Shabbat dishes in an elegant venue, which could be an auditorium or synagogue. In addition, you and your wedding party can take in the sights and sounds of the narrow streets of the Old City. Put simply, we have everything that you need to create an extraordinary wedding celebration and Shabbat Chatan in Jerusalem.

Touring the Old City

With the wedding celebrations done, Jerusalem offers a wealth of historical sites and interesting venues to visit. From wondering through the markets, to tasting some delicious traditional foods, you can really transport yourself into the past and experience the magic of the city. Other sites include the Western Wall tunnels, Yad Vashem, the Church of Saint Anne and the Via Dolorosa. Wonder out of the city and explore other parts of Israel, from fun filled days at the beach, to touring other hidden treasures in this magnificent country.

Create the Perfect Nuptials in Jerusalem

You can bring your vision of the perfect wedding in Jerusalem to life with Bentop Events in the US and let Stein Shani Event Production execute your plans in Israel. We are committed to bringing unique and romantic wedding concepts to life, and we will not rest until each detail is exactly as you had imagined it.